Haters Gonna Hate

F**k Logic

“Spending time around so many pussies gave you a false sense of your ability to intimidate”

– Djo

Make Money While Browsing

CryptoTab Browser

"No pain — no gain"? No way! Meet CryptoTab — the only browser that will bring you money for just surfing the web.


Presearch is a search engine that pays you in cryptocurrency for searching the web. The keywords staking option gives you the chance to send targeted traffic to your website


Crypto.com is a full financial solution that could replace your bank. They offer accounts to hold multiple different cryptocurrencies and VISA Debit Cards that allow you to spend them. You can borrow FIAT(money) with a cryptocurrency as a collateral, you can earn interest up to 18% per year on certain crypto coins that you hold in your Crypto.com account. Joining with my link will earn you $50 worth of cryptocurrency that you can spend afterwards or earn interest on it.


Publish0x is the best place for a person to start learning about Cryptocurrencies. Also you can earn Crypto by tipping the authors or write articles yourself.

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